Innovation maturity assessment

Why is it important to measure your innovation maturity?

Not all the organizations are innovation champions. In fact, the vast majority have quite low levels of innovation maturity. And this is a good news for two reasons: 1. you have a lot of space to improve and 2. you can easily overpass the competition who is not concerned about the innovation subject.

But a good first step in drafting a plan on becoming more innovative and in innovating consistently, continuously and methodologically is performing an innovation assessment.

We will help you evaluate your innovation maturity level by asking questions about Culture, Leadership, Management, Strategy and Tools and Processes to identify your strengths and weaknesses. We will find out if you are an Innovation Novice, Apprentice, Professional or Leader.

After we make this evaluation, we will propose a series of steps and actions to improve your innovation maturity and to transform you into an Innovation Leader.

If you want to find out more about our Innovation Maturity Assessment Tool please contact us.


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