Idea generation can be easy (and effective)

In order to have permanent innovation in a company we need several elements: a vision towards innovation, an innovation strategy, building an innovation culture, establishing an idea generation and selection system and implementing innovation portfolios.

Idea generation and selection systems are very important because of their help in creating a culture of innovation but most importantly due to their important role in identifying the most valuable and innovative ideas in the company and selecting the most promising and viable ones.

Generating ideas can be a tough part and if not done properly it can put in danger the entire innovation process. Of course companies can use the easiest way (e-mail), but most often the results are not as good as expected. This alternative is the less transparent one, is very labor intensive, gives no possibility to other colleagues to improve ideas, makes it difficult to give real feed-back to the idea senders and has many other shortcomings.

On the other side the idea management systems are much more modern and efficient, create communities and impact the entire organisation, are very transparent and the contributors can visualize the feed-back on their ideas, the stage reached by the idea, gives possibility to select the best ideas by votes from the co-workers and offers multiple dashboards to analyse the ideas. Also can be integrated with business, productivity and social tools. Of course it comes with a cost but the benefits are much bigger than this costs.

In case you want to give it a try, Idea Spotlight from Wazoku is one of the most popular choices and the best part is that you can have a demo to see how beneficial it can be to your company.

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