4 Innovative Technologies for the Future

A lot of new technologies are promising to rapidly change the world and the way we work and live, at least 100 are identified as very promising, but I will focus on 4 of them  which I consider will have a very high impact and will impact the way we work and move:


The most popular use is indeed Bitcoin. Created by Satoshi Nakamoto (a pseudonym) and often called “the new internet” or “the digital gold” is a public ledger transferring and storing unchangeable information without intermediaries with maximum transparency and anonymity. Ethereum is another very promising platform.

Blockchain might have a lot of usages, most important being: currency transfer almost instantly with lower costs, smart contracts, digital voting, digital identity (passports, ID etc.), decentralized notary.

Artificial Intelligence

The robots will not replace humans in the near future, the human brain is still more powerful than any computer, but the situation will change with the appearance of quantum computers. Until than we will talk to Siri and Alexa, will communicate with chat-bots on various websites, will use automation software to automate our reports, will watch Youtube while the car will autonomously drive us home, will diagnose our diseases faster than a doctor with Dr. Watson.

Internet of Things

Billions of sensors are being built to equip our cars, fridges, phones, houses, home appliances. To turn on the heating or cooling remote on the way home, to know from a fridge message what food to buy, to start the oven on the way home, to measure your blood pressure or blood sugar with your smartphone, to diagnose a car via internet is no more Science Fiction. And all this devices are more and more inter-connected.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Flight or road simulators, virtual travel to exotic destinations, virtual shop visits, gaming and a lot of other applications are all to be hugely impacted by this fashionable technology still not at maturity but under fast development.

It is clear that the world as we know today is changing rapidly and that in 10-20 years from now a lot of changes will take place, hopefully helping us to be more efficient, more relaxed and more happy.







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