Innovation culture and growth – Is it enough?


Innovation is a very over-used word. Almost the same can be said about Innovation Culture.

A google search for this terms return 341.000.000 results. A huge number. And a huge quantity of information. How can you collect the right information, decide and implement the best strategy to create an innovation culture?

Moreover, for most of the companies, creating an Innovation Culture seems the remedy for all their problems. In fact it may not be just that simple.

Culture is very important. It can not be easily copied, it can insure growth and success, differentiation from the competition, can attract and retain talents, can make things run smoother. But is it enough?

In order to be innovative, to adapt always to the market and clients demand and expectations, you need more than this. You need other things before starting to create an innovation culture and you need more things after you create such culture.

Before creating an Innovation Culture you need direction, commitment and determination from the top, also you need the right people. Than you need knowledge on how to implement this process and you need a system to maintain this achievements and to produce long lasting positive results.

It may seem simple, but is not. This is why only a few companies can be innovative on the long run and the others just follow.

Is it impossible? Of course not, but you need resources, determination, patience and know-how. With one element missing, it becomes very hard, almost impossible.

Good luck in becoming more innovative! We all need this since this is the essence of progress and we have no other option with this rapid change in all the business fields.

If I can be of help, do not hesitate, send me an e-mail.


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